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of Twins plus One

13 March
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Wow, so my user info was way out of date.

im a young mom. im 27 and have 3 girls under 3... my oldest are GG twins who are 2, and my youngest is a girl who just turned 1 (in Aug)......

Im a single mom living with there father but seperated (long story).

My twins have lots of food allergies so we keep a glutan, soy, dairy, wheat, bean, nut, fish, shelfish free diet for the older two.

The youngest so far has no food allergies except for banana....

The twins were in the Child Development program becouse they were delayed quite a bit. Rebekah has caught up so much since we started using the Sighning Times DVDs that her language skills are now up to par with a 36 month old! and she is just over two! We are waiting on an assment for her sister Heather.

Samantha is the youngest, she just turned 1 year old. She has some delays with moter skills and with language. She just started crawling and has almost no core strength. She is my little platies baby. She will sit on her bum with her legs stiffend and balance her feet above the ground. She has issues with stiffining her legs and joints for balance. We are working on those issues and waiting for physo for her.....

now a little about me. im 27, was suposed to be married for 8 years this year (2010) but found out that my husband had cheeted on me a seccond time.... well becouse of the kids food issues, we are living together, and sleeping in sperate rooms so we can make sure our kidsd get proper nutrition.

I am looking at going back to school in the spring and starting a new life for myself.

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